meem’s personal finance is created to be simple, transparent and suitable to our customer’s needs.

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Financing amount up to SAR 1,500,000.

Financing period up to 60 months

Shariah Compliant

Competitive rates across all segments

Buyout (debt transfer) option available

Asset 1 Asset 3

Customer Eligibility and Conditions:

Personal Finance (PF)





Salary assignment mandatory

Salary Credited in meem by GI


OnePack a/c held

Government & semi-gov:18
Employer Class: A, B & C: 18
Employer Class D: 21
Retired: 40

Minimum age at commencement (Years-G)

Government & Semi-Gov: 58
Employer Class A, B, C & D: 60
Retired: 70

Maximum Age at maturity (Years-G)

Government & Semi-government: SAR 5,000
Employer Class A & B: SAR 5,000
Employer Class C: SAR 4,000
Retired: SAR 5,000

Government & Semi-government: SAR 4,000
Employer Class A, B & C: SAR 4,000
Employer Class D: SAR 7,500
Retired: SAR 1,900

Minimum salary (SAR)

Government: 1 Month
Semi-Government & Employer Class A: 3 Months
Employer Class B & C: 6 Months
Employer Class D: 12 Months
Retired: 1 Month

Minimum current employment period


Minimum Finance Amount (SAR)


Maximum Finance Amount (SAR)

36 Months

60 Months

Maximum tenor for loans (months)

Covers 100 % from the Personal Finance


End of service

Debt Burden Ratio (DBR)






No minimum existing SIMAH history

Minimum existing SIMAH history


Personal Finance (PF)

of finance amount with 1.15% a maximum Fees for SAR 5,759

Processing Fees for Personal Finance

SAR 2,300

Service charge in case delivering commodity

SAR 287.50

Late payment fees *

* The collected late payment fees are paid on your behalf for charity activities as per the guidelines and supervision of the Shari’ah Supervisory Board.

Example of Murabha financing:

Management fees

Monthly installment amount

Annual Percentage Rate

Maturity in years

Finance amount

500 SAR

900 SAR


5 Years

50,000 SAR

The above table is an example and the APR may vary according to the amount, maturity period and credit score of each customer.