OnePack Account

At meem, we believe in safe and easy banking on-the-go to cater to modern lifestyle needs that enable you to live the moments that matter.

As the first Shariah Compliant digital bank in the world, we are proud to introduce for the first time in the Kingdom, the meem OnePack, which brings together a current account, savings account and foreign currencies accounts all linked to just one easy to use card. The OnePack, free of any annual fees, offers a range of other features including budgeting tools, swipe features and more, making modern digital banking easier than ever before.

OnePack Account Features

Base Currency Feature

The Saudi Riyal is the primary currency for local transactions. You can also set another currency as a primary account for your card

Variety of Currencies

Link different currencies to the card to use at home and abroad. Available currencies are (GCC, GBP, Euro and USD)

Apple Pay

A safer and faster way to pay

More Info

Mada Atheer

Enjoy contactless payment through POS for fast and easy transactions

Mada Online

Shop and pay online easily and securely using the card with the “Verified by Visa” service

Smart Budgeting & Saving Tools

Plan your spending and save for your specific goals by taking advantage of our Money Box and budgeting tool

Automatic Sweep

Move excess funds between your OnePack Current and Savings Accounts for Shariah Compliant returns on your savings

Sadad Bill Payments

Control your bills and payments within the meem app. You’ll also receive notifications when your bills are due

Instant Issuance!

Apply for the meem OnePack card and get it immediately. Collect it in store on the spot or by courier in 3 business days


Free of charge without annual fees