How can I avail this offer?
 You can avail the discount by using meem VISA Credit Card for your “noon” purchases.

Am I required to enter a discount code or coupon?
Discount is applied automatically at the Checkout stage.

How much is the discount?
10% of your total purchases amount with a cap of SAR 100.

How can I win the SAR 2,000?
By purchasing from “noon” using meem Credit Card you would enter the raffle, and at the end of March 2019, 2 winners will be selected randomly to win SAR 2,000 each.

Will the SAR 2,000 be deposited into my meem Credit Card Account or my OnePack Account?
if you won, amount will be deposited into your OnePack Account.

Can I avail this discount more than once?
This offer is only valid once for every customer.

When does this offer ends?
It starts on the 1st of March and ends on the 31st of March 2019.

Will my purchases be included in meem Cashback Program?

How can I convert my purchases to meem As’hal Program?
you can convert your purchases to meem As’hal if total amount after the discount is equal to or greater than SAR 1,500 and that is done by following the steps in sent SMS after the purchase.

Can converted purchases to meem As’hal be included in Cashback Program?

Is there a minimum amount for a purchase to be converted to meem As’hal Program?
Yes. SAR 1,500.

Are there any fees for converting a purchase to meem As’hal Program?
Yes. SAR 20 per converted transaction.

What are the available tenures of meem As’hal Program?
3,6,9 and 12 months

How can I convert a purchase to meem As’hal if I didn’t receive the SMS?
You can contact meem Contact Center within 48 hours from the time of the purchase.

1. Offer valid from 1st of March 2019 to 31st of March 2019

2. Offer can be availed one time only during previously mentioned period

3. meem Credit Card Holder is eligible for a 10% discount with a total discount amount of SAR 100 on total purchases from “noon”

4. Discount will be applied automatically at Checkout

5. meem Credit Card Holder can use meem As’hal Program in this offer if total purchase amount after the discount is greater than or equal to SAR 1,500 (or its equivalent in other currencies)

6. Qualifying for the chance to win SAR 2000 is done automatically when using meem Credit Card in “noon” website.

7. GIB Employees are excluded from the raffle

8. Two winners of SAR 2000 (each) will be chosen randomly at 31st of March 2019

9. Amounts used in this offer will be automatically part of meem Cashback Program, as long as they are not converted to meem As’hal Program.

10. Refund and return policies are subject to “noon” Terms and Conditions

11. “meem” Digital Banking and “noon” hold the right to call off the promotion at any time.

12. “meem” Credit Card Terms and Conditions apply.

13. “noon” Terms and Conditions apply.