What is Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology?
It is a technology that allows the usage of debit, credit and pre-paid cards to perform point-of-sale (PoS) and cash withdrawal transactions without the need enter the card in merchants’ terminals nor ATM’s.

What are Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology Features?
It allows the usage of your card in point-of-sale (PoS) transactions as well as cash withdrawals without the need for a Personal Identification Number (PIN) nor the need to enter your card in merchant’s terminals or ATM’s depending on transactions’ used amounts as well as the support of the merchant or ATM of the technology.

Does meem VISA Platinum Credit Card Support Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology?
Yes, it does.

How can an existing meem credit card holder request the Near Field Communication (NFC) supported card?
Through the application: request the Near Field Supported card when renewing the current card or reissuing your card by following the below steps:
• Login to your account
• Choose the meem credit card
• Click on the + sign
• Click on Block & Reissue Card
• Fill in the fields
• Click on Block

How Can a non meem credit card holder issue a Near-Field Communication (NFC) supported card?
Through the application: request the Near Field Supported card

Can I use Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology now?
You can do that as long as you got the new meem VISA Platinum Credit Card.

Can I use Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology inside and outside The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
Yes, you can.

How can I know whether a Point-of-Sale (PoS) Terminal or an ATM supports Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology or not?
You can do that by looking for the symbol on Point-of-Sale terminal or ATM

Will I be required to enter my Personal Identification Number (PIN) after using Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology?
If allowed daily number of (NFC) transactions and/or maximum transaction value are not exceeded, entering PIN will not be required.

Are there any limits on Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology?
Allowed daily number of (NFC) transactions is 5, maximum (NFC) transaction value is SAR 200 and maximum cumulative daily transactions value is SAR 500 a day.

When can I re-use Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology if I have exhausted my daily limits?
on the next day starting 12 am.

Is Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology safe?
Yes, it is.

What is the required distance between my card and the Point-of-Sale (PoS) Terminal for a Near-Field Communication (NFC) transaction to happen?
Distance should not be greater than 4 cm.

How can I know if a Near-Field Communication (NFC) Transaction is successful?
When Point-of-Sale Terminal issues a success notification and the transaction SMS is received.

What should I do when I lose my credit card?
Card should be blocked immediately.

Is there a possibility that my meem VISA Platinum Credit Card will be debited more than once when using Near-Field Communication (NFC) Transaction
No it won’t be.