meem Card

meem Card

meem Card

At meem, we strive to cater to modern needs. That’s why our services evolve with your lifestyle to provide you with innovative techniques that help you carry out your daily transactions safely and efficiently. For the first time in the Kingdom, we introduce the new meem card which combines the features of the one pack (Current account and Saving account) and the foreign currencies account in one, handy and easy-to-use card.

Variety of currencies

You can link up to 8 different currencies to the card. Available currencies are (GCC, EUR, GBP and USD)

Mada Atheer

Enjoy contactless payment through POS to enhance and speed up transactions

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Free of charge without annual fee

Instant Issaunce!

Apply for the meem card and get it immediately. Collect it in store on the spot or by courier in 3 business days

Base currency feature

The Saudi Riyal is the primary currency for local transactions. Additionally, you can set other currency as a primary account for your card