meem card more info

What is the meem card?
The (meem Card) is a Debit card that Merge the features of One-Pack (Current Account, Savings Account ) and Multi currency account into 1 card

For the existing customer should they link the currencies again to their meem card?
All existing linked accounts to MCC will be migrated and linked in the new meem card

What is the primary account in the card (meem card)?
Any primary account set in the multicurrency card will be migrated to the new meem card as is (ex: if USD was set to primary in the MCC then USD will remain primary in the new card)
By default, if customer does not have any multicurrency account but has his/her new card activated then the OnePack will be primary by default

Is the Old MCC and DC will be working after go live?
The customer can use it till expiry or he/she receives the new card and activated through meem app
(customer can have the option to block and reissue the card from meem app but there are fees applicable)

How can the customer activate their new meem card?
The customer can activate their meem card through meem app

How many accounts the customer can link to the meem card?
1. By default, The SAR account which is the Onepack is linked and the customer can link multiple currencies to their account
2. The customer can only link one account of the same currency

If the currency is not in “Active” status can the customer link the currency?
If account status of FCY is anything other than “Active”, then account cannot be linked to the card. (customer should activate the account)

If the currency is not active and it’s linked to the meem card, can the customer use it?
If a linked account becomes inactive, the customer needs to make it active again by clicking on the “Activate” button in the account before using it again

If the customer is in KSA and he/she tried to purchase from any store and the onepack is not funded what it will happen?
If the customer is in KSA (home currency) the system should always deduct from OnePack regardless of whether OnePack is primary or not (the transaction will be rejected)

For customers whom we auto replaced the New meem card which PIN should they use?
The old debit card PIN will be the default PIN from customers whom we auto replaced the cards

Will this card replace the Debit and MCC cards?
Yes, once the meem card is activated the old Debit and MCC will become obsolete