Mada Online

What is Online Purchase Service?
Online Purchase Service is service provided by meem for meem Mada card holders in cooperation with Mada and VISA Inc., which provides the customer with additional protection when making online purchase.

How do online purchase service work?
When you insert your meem Mada card number and complete the purchase transaction, meem will verify the Mada card information and send a 4-field one-time password (OTP) to the customer mobile number registered with meem.

How to pay online using meem Mada Debit Card:
1. After you are done shopping, click on Mada or VISA icon from the payment options
2. Enter your meem Mada Debit Card details
3. You will be forwarded to “Verified by Visa” webpage and a verification code will be shared with you thru SMS
4. Enter your Visa (3D secure) Verification code and process the payment

Do I have to activate the service before using my meem Mada Debit Card to pay online?
The service is active by default for meem Mada Debit Cardholders.

What happens if I inserted the OTP wrongly?
If you inserted the OTP wrongly, you must re-insert it again, to be able to complete the purchase transaction.

Do I need a new card to benefit from online purchase service?
No, the purchase service is available for all meem Mada debit cards.

Can I use my MCC to buy online?
Yes, you will be able to use your MCC for online purchase.

Which currency will be used?
It will be based on the merchant currency; if the merchant billing currency is SAR then it will deduct from the SAR account.
And if the billing currency is other than SAR I.E. (one of the 8 currencies that meem has) and if the customer has a linked account that is funded and as same as the billing currency then it will be deducted from that currency and if its not linked it will be deducted from the primary if it was funded.

What if the currency account is not funded?
The transaction will be declined.

What if the currency is not linked?
It will deduct from the primary currency, but it must be funded.