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With our “meem As’hal” program we offer you the option to install your meem Credit Card purchases, whether Online/Offline, with any currency in easy, equal monthly instalments over a period up to 12 months.

How can I convert my purchases to meem As-hal Program? 

You can convert your purchases using meem credit card into equal monthly instalments at 0% by instructing us via SMS within 48 hours of the purchase. 

What is the minimum purchase amount to be eligible for meem As-hal Program?

1,500 SAR.

Are there any fees for converting transactions to meem As-hal Program?

 SAR 20 per converted transaction.

Are converted transactions included in the Cashback Program? 

No, they are not.

Can online transactions be converted to meem As-hal Program? 

Yes, as long as the purchase amount is equivalent to SAR 1,500 or more.

Can Non-SAR transactions be converted to meem As-hal Program? 

Yes, as long as the purchase amount is equivalent to SAR 1,500 or more.

How many transactions are allowed to be converted to meem As-hal Program?

There is no limit on the number of transactions, as long as it is within the credit limit provided that the total amount of converted transactions does not exceed 50% of the card’s credit limit.

What are the time periods available for meem As-hal Program? 

Available program tenures are 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and cannot be changed after submitting the application.

The table below illustrates how meem As’hal works with the monthly profit rates for each plan

Installment Plan Term3 months6 months9 months12 months
Profit Rate (per month)0.0%0.25%0.50%0.75%

Can I cancel a conversion to meem As-hal Program after submitting a request? 


How can I convert a transaction if I did not receive the SMS?

 You can reach out to meem Contact Centre within 48 hours from the time of a transaction.

Before you apply for “meem as-hal” Program on your credit card, please review these Terms of Service and The Terms & Conditions you have agreed upon when issuing your credit card and The Terms & Conditions when you became a customer of the Bank (The “General Provisions”). As well as any additional Terms and Conditions that we issue from time to time, which together constitute our agreement with you (the “Agreement”). Your acceptance and use of this service constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

Definitions and Interpretations:

“Qualified Purchase” means a purchase by the Cardholder or the Supplementary Cardholder of any commodity or service from any commercial outlet in KSA or worldwide (excluding cash withdrawals), for SAR 1,500 or more (or the equivalent in other currencies), using the meem Credit Card issued by Gulf International Bank.

“The Principal Amount of the meem As-hal Plan” is the amount of the transaction made by the Credit Card Holders in the invoice’s currency relating to the Qualified Purchase which the Cardholder agrees to transfer to an instalment plan by following the instructions sent via SMS within a maximum of 48 hours of receiving the SMS.

“Instalment Period” Means the number of calendar months. The applicable and valid periods are 3 or 6 or 9 or 12 months.

“Outstanding Instalment” The principal instalment amount, plus (if necessary) the delay fees and the interest rate relating to unpaid instalment(s)

“Monthly Instalment” The principal amount of the meem as-hal plan plus profit when applicable, divided by the instalment period.

“Statement Date” The creation date of the statement that appears in the card statement.

1. This service is available for purchases from Points of Sale – inside and outside the borders of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – and electronic websites in SAR and Non-SAR.

2. If the customer wants to benefit from meem As-hal Program, this has to be done through the SMS sent to the customer’s telephone number within 48 hours of receiving the SMS.

3. There is an applicable fee of SAR 20 per converted transaction to be charged once upon conversion in addition to a profit of 0.25% for six months, 0.50% for nine months and 0.75% for 12 months.

4. When the instalments tenure is confirmed, this tenure cannot be changed after the application has been submitted.

5. In case a conversion confirmation message is not received within 24 hours from the time if the transaction conversion request, the Customer Services Department shall be notified within five days from the time of the transaction. Failure to do so will deem a conversion request null and void.

6. Transaction conversion request to meem As-hal Program cannot be cancelled once application has been submitted.

7. Purchases converted to the meem As-hal Program are excluded from the CashBack program.

8. SADAD Bill Payments, as well as purchases done through SADAD accounts are excluded from the program.

9. If the cardholder wishes to close the credit card account before the end of any instalment period, the unpaid instalments will be considered due immediately and will be added to the outstanding amounts on the card. We may charge early payment fees as we deem appropriate, which will be payable immediately.

10. The Bank is entitled – at any time- to amend and/or terminate The Terms & Conditions of meem As-hal Program. So that it is effective thirty (30) days from the date of issuing the notice to the Cardholder.

11. The Bank shall not be responsible for the refusal of any commercial entity to accept the Card and shall not be liable in any way for any complaints or disputes relating to the goods and services provided to the Cardholder. The Cardholder alone shall be responsible for resolving such disputes with the other parties.

12. Late Payment Fees will be applied if the outstanding instalment is not paid within the specified period and interest rate will be charged (if applicable) on the outstanding amounts after the expiry of the instalment period.

13. For Non-SAR transactions, exchange rate used will be the rate at the time of the transaction.

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